Continuing Legal Education & Annual Meeting

Mission: One of the most important things we can do as a section is help each other be better lawyers and stay on top of changing laws in our area. Our CLE subcommittee has organized some great events over the last year and is looking at ways to incorporate technology to reach members outside of the major metro areas.  This subcommittee also organizes our annual fall CLE.
Chair: Tyler Volm, [email protected] /(503) 224-5560


Mission: The mission of this subcommittee is business law improvement in Oregon. Along those lines, we’re sponsoring a bill in the 2019 session to provide a way for corporations to fix defective acts.  This was a great example of coordination across sections. We worked with the Civil Litigators to find a way to do this in a way that preserves any causes of action that may exist for an individual’s bad acts, but allows the corporation to move forward.  We also submitted a proposal the Oregon Laws Commission to review the Oregon LLC act and bring us into conformity with the Revised Uniform LLC Act  (possibly with edits due to the new Partnership audit regime).  The Laws Commission will be moving forward with this project in 2019.
Kara Tatman, [email protected]/ (503) 314-2141
Emily Maass, [email protected]/ (503) 802-5540



 The Outreach Subcommittee plans and carries out education programs and social events aiming to expand the reach of the Business Law Section to Oregon’s professional communities in the Portland metropolitan area and statewide.  The Outreach Subcommittee also organizes the Section’s annual planning retreat for executive committee members.

 Chair: Brian Jolly : [email protected] / 503.228.1741


Mission: The Newsletter Subcommittee solicits and reviews articles from attorneys and publishes the quarterly Business Law Section newsletter.
Chair: Jeffrey Tarr:  [email protected] / (503) 227-1111

New Business Lawyers

 The New Business Lawyers Subcommittee is a way for new(er) lawyers who engage in transactional business practice to network with each other, mentor law students, and provide speaking and writing opportunities for its members. The subcommittee has six working groups: mentorship, social, pro bono, law schools, education, and newsletter.
Chair: Joseph L Cerne: [email protected] / 503 778-2192

Nominating and Member Recruitment

Mission: This subcommittee encourages active membership in the Business Law Section.
Genny Kiley, [email protected] / (503) 227-4525
Jeffrey Tarr:  [email protected] / (503) 227-1111

Castles Leadership Award

Mission: The award was established in 1998 to recognize an Oregon lawyer for excellence in the practice of business law, professionalism among fellow business lawyers and outstanding community leadership. This subcommittee receives and reviews nominations for the award and recommends a recipient to the Executive Committee.
Chair: Genny Kiley, [email protected] / (503) 227-4525